Life Insurance Farmington Hills

What will your loved ones do if you are diagnosed with a life threatening condition, or worse still, pass away suddenly? For less than $5 a month you can take care of them with a lump sum payout if such an event should occur.

Top Benefits

  • Provides the right amount of coverage for your family: From $5,000 to $500,000, we can offer you an insurance policy customized to your needs and budget.

  • Fixed Monthly Payments: Your monthly premiums will always be fixed; they won’t ever increase all throughout the policy.

  • Rest Assured: You will get an insurance policy specifically suited for your needs.

  • How It Exactly Works?

    Whether you are 16 or 66; you can get Life insurance and have the right coverage for your family. Paying the monthly premium through direct debit is a good idea. It has no cash-in-value.

    There are top four questions to consider when choosing life insurance cover:-

  • How Much Do You Exactly Want To Spend?
  • A life insurance with up to $500,000 coverage will have a monthly premium of approximately $5 per month.You can decide the kind of coverage you want or how much you would like to pay every month. The kind of coverage and monthly premiums will depend on factors such as smoking habits, alcohol consumption, age and medical history.

  • How long?
  • The length of the insurance has a strong impact on the monthly premium.How long would you like your coverage to be; before payout? If you have young children at home, consider the time frame of the coverage before payout or when they are no longer your dependents.

  • Which particular level of coverage?
  • You have the option to choose from Level Coverage or Decreasing Coverage.If you choose Level coverage, the lump sum amount will always remain fixed throughout the life of the policy. For people who choose decreasing cover, the lump sum amount will decrease and so the amount you pay in the first year is always greater than the amount you pay in the next year and so on and so forth.

  • What Kind of Coverage?
  • If you are looking for individual coverage, stay with the single insurance policies. For families, it’s advisable to get joint policy. You can also opt for joint policy if you are a husband and wife, civil partners, common law partners.

    If you have chosen joint policy, you will get the lump sum if one person dies and in that case the policy will quickly end. If it is a single person then it will continue later for the other person.

    Why Buy Life Insurance Cover Through MGB?

    When you buy an insurance cover through MGB, the application process is much faster than usual. You will be working with a reliable and trustworthy case handler, who will give you regular updates on the progress of the application and help you choose the best policy.

    If you have any questions or are looking for a customized life insurance in Farmington Hills for your specific needs, consult a financial adviser now.

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